Month: June 2018


The state of Massachusetts has been very busy these last few months getting all of their new energy efficiency programs up and running.  Scroll down and check out some of the exciting programs that are available to all Conway Residents and Businesses!


Incentives and other resources for Residential Customers:

Incentives and other resources for Businesses:

Incentives and other resources for Government and Non-Profit Entities:

Fact Sheets on Specific Incentive Programs:

Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps:  Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps

Residential Ground-Source Heat Pumps: Residential Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Residential Solar Hot Water: Residential Solar Hot Water

Residential Modern Wood Heating (central boiler systems): Residential Modern Wood Heat

Commercial-Scale Air Source Heat Pumps: Commercial Scale Air-Source Heat Pumps  (non-VRF)

Commercial-Scale Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems: Commercial Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Commercial-Scale Ground Source Heat Pumps: Commercial-Scale Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Commercial-Scale Solar Hot Water: Commercial-Scale Solar Hot Water

Commercial-Scale Modern Wood Heating: Small Commercial Modern Wood Heat , Large Commercial Modern Wood Heat

Other Related Program Pages:

HeatSmart Mass:

Residential Wood Stove Change-Out Program: Woodstove Change-Out

Solarize Mass and Solarize Mass Plus: Solarize Mass

Mass Solar Loan Program: Mass Solar Loan Flyer


Please feel free to contact any Energy committee member with any questions or concerns that you have on energy efficiency programs that you have an interest in.

Consider joining us in helping improve the energy efficiency of our town.  Join the Energy Committee today!

Peter Martin, Peter Rosnick, Sue Bridge, Brice Hereford


Assessors – Summer 2018 Meeting Schedule

The assessors will now be on a summer meeting schedule of every second and fourth Thursday of the month for June, July and August or as needed. Starting September 6, 2018, they will return to meeting every Thursday.

Dates of the summer 2018 meetings are June 14, June 28, July 12, July 26, August 9, and August 23, usually at 5:00 p.m. in the Town Hall. If you would like to attend a meeting, you are very welcome but please phone us at 369-4235, x5 to confirm day and time.


Conway Now Has Long-Range Financial Plan

The Town of Conway, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Community Compact Program, has adopted a multi-year financial plan that develops financial policies, revenue and expenditure forecasts, and budget documents that reflect Conway’s needs. The Town of Conway has accepted and expressed its commitment to this Long Range Financial Plan by Finance Committee approval on June 19, 2017 and by Select Board and Capital Improvement Planning Committee vote on June 26, 2017. For full text of the plan click here: CONWAY LongRangePlan 9-7-17. [Posted November 22, 2017.]