Author: Lisa Turowsky

Energy Committee Provides List of Energy Efficiency Programs


  • Peter Martin, Chair:
  • Susan Bridge, member
  • Brice Hereford, member
  • Vacancy


Incentives and other resources for Residential Customers:

Incentives and other resources for Businesses:

Incentives and other resources for Government and Non-Profit Entities:

Fact Sheets on Specific Incentive Programs:

Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps:  Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps

Residential Ground-Source Heat Pumps: Residential Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Residential Solar Hot Water: Residential Solar Hot Water

Residential Modern Wood Heating (central boiler systems): Residential Modern Wood Heat

Commercial-Scale Air Source Heat Pumps: Commercial Scale Air-Source Heat Pumps  (non-VRF)

Commercial-Scale Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems: Commercial Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Commercial-Scale Ground Source Heat Pumps: Commercial-Scale Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Commercial-Scale Solar Hot Water: Commercial-Scale Solar Hot Water

Commercial-Scale Modern Wood Heating: Small Commercial Modern Wood Heat , Large Commercial Modern Wood Heat

Other Related Program Pages:

HeatSmart Mass:

Residential Wood Stove Change-Out Program: Woodstove Change-Out

Solarize Mass and Solarize Mass Plus: Solarize Mass

Mass Solar Loan Program: Mass Solar Loan Flyer

Durable Medical Equipment Loans Available

Conway residents in need of medical equipment may be able to obtain items on loan from the Council on Aging. The items that are available include: walkers, commodes, shower seats, crutches, canes, elevated toilet seats, hand-held shower, wheelchair, foot spa, and arm support with a ball. For more information contact Council on Aging’s Hank Horstmann at 369-4405 or email the Council on Aging,

Assessors To Conduct Field Visits

The Board of Assessors will be “in the field” this summer for a property data review, in which each property’s record card will be compared with the actual building(s). Exterior photos will be taken of all buildings. Owners need not be at home during this visit, which will take about 5-10 minutes. A car with signs reading “Assessors” will be used, and the police dispatcher will have a description of the car. Any questions? call 369-4235 x5 or email