Assessors To Conduct Field Visits

The Board of Assessors will be “in the field” this summer for a property data review, in which each property’s record card will be compared with the actual building(s). Exterior photos will be taken of all buildings. Owners need not be at home during this visit, which will take about 5-10 minutes. A car with signs reading “Assessors” will be used, and the police dispatcher will have a description of the car. Any questions? call 369-4235 x5 or email

Chapter 61, 61A, 61B annual renewal forms – DUE OCT. 1, 2018

Chapter 61, 61A, 61B annual renewal forms will be mailed out to all who are currently enrolled in these programs in August. Please fill them out completely for your category(ies), sign and date the back.  There is a place for your e-mail as well, if you choose to give that to us. Also, please read and sign the Owner’s Acknowledgement and return a copy to us with your application.

Chapter 61 (Forest Management): because you renew your Forest Management Plan on a 10-year cycle, you are not required by law to file this form annually, but we very much appreciate it if you do, as it keeps us informed of progress you are making on your planned work. The Chap. 61 portion of the form is one small box directly under the owner and property identification on page 1.

Chapter 61A (agricultural, horticultural): this program is reported on the lower half of page 1. You are required to give a market value of last year’s yield from the land; if it was pastured, what would have been the cost of providing that crop to the animals? If you rent out your land, the lessee must also sign the back of the form, in addition to your signatures.

Chapter 61B (open space, recreational): please fill out the owner and property identification block on page one, then skip to the top half of page 2 and fill out that section. Sign and date the form, and it’s complete.

These forms must be filed at the Assessors’ Office on or before Monday, October 1, 2018!!

You can mail them to us at PO Box 240, Conway, MA 01341 or scan and send them to us at or drop them off at our office in the Town Hall or at the Town Offices at 32 Main St. But please be sure to fill them out completely and to get them in on time!!

Thank you!


Conway Seeking PT Administrative Assistant

The Town of Conway is seeking an Administrative Assistant, reporting to the Town Administrator and serving the Conservation Commission, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals, with further work possible. The position averages 5 hours per week. Successful candidate will have good written and verbal skills to effectively communicate with other municipal employees and the general public, and demonstrated clerical skills, including familiarity with computers and Office programs. Successful applicant will be able to take minutes and perform bill tracking and record keeping. Compensation rate is $16/hr. Candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume, along with the Town’s general job application (at or at the Town Office), to the Town Administrator, PO Box 240, Conway, MA 01341. Position open until filled. Equal Opportunity Employer. To view the job description, click here: Administrative Assistant (Boards)

Assessors – Summer 2018 Meeting Schedule

The assessors will now be on a summer meeting schedule of every second and fourth Thursday of the month for June, July and August or as needed. Starting September 6, 2018, they will return to meeting every Thursday.

Dates of the summer 2018 meetings are June 14, June 28, July 12, July 26, August 9, and August 23, usually at 5:00 p.m. in the Town Hall. If you would like to attend a meeting, you are very welcome but please phone us at 369-4235, x5 to confirm day and time.


Conway Now Has Long-Range Financial Plan

The Town of Conway, in conjunction with the Commonwealth Community Compact Program, has adopted a multi-year financial plan that develops financial policies, revenue and expenditure forecasts, and budget documents that reflect Conway’s needs. The Town of Conway has accepted and expressed its commitment to this Long Range Financial Plan by Finance Committee approval on June 19, 2017 and by Select Board and Capital Improvement Planning Committee vote on June 26, 2017. For full text of the plan click here: CONWAY LongRangePlan 9-7-17. [Posted November 22, 2017.]