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Town of Conway
P.O. Box 240
Conway, MA 01341
Fax 413.369.4237
Pictured below:  Town Office, 32 Main Street (left); Town Hall, 5 Academy Hill Road (right)

Emergency Assistance  – Shelburne State Police Dispatch
911 or 413-625-8200
 Town Administrator Thomas HutchesonTown Office
413-369-4235 x3,
 Assistant to the TA  Lisa Turowsky, Town Office
413-369-4235 x0,
 Select Board Members

*Please note that Board/Committee chairs are subject to change at the beginning of each fiscal year; this is the list for FY2018.

Accountant Michael Kociela, Town Office – FRCOG Program

413-369-4235 x0,

Ambulance Director Gemma Vanderheld
413-369-4235 x9,
 Animal Control Officer Joseph Colucci
 Assessor Natalie Whitcomb,Town Hall
413-369-4235 x5,
 Board of Health (Carl Nelke, Chair)
413-369-4235 x8,
 Board of Selectmen (John O’Rourke, Chair)
 Capital Improvements Planning Committee (Dana Goodfield, Chair)
 Community Preservation Committee (Peter Zale, Chair)
 Conservation Commission (John Gates, Chair)
Brian Blakeslee, Ronald Hawkes, James Recore
 Council on Aging (Patricia Lynch, Chair)
 Cultural Council (Polly Byers, Chair)
Emergency Management Director George Murphy

Energy Committee  (Peter Martin, Chair)
 Finance Committee (Alan Singer, Chair)
 Fire Chief /Enhanced 911 Coordinator Robert Baker
 Franklin County Cooperative Inspection Program (FCCIP)413-774-3167
Building Commissioner & Zoning Enforcement Officer –  Jim Hawkins, x113
Local Inspector –    to be determined, x110
Electrical Inspector – Tom McDonald, x115
Plumbing and Gas Inspector – Andy French, x112
Zoning and Software Assistant – Paul Lemelin, x114
Departmental Clerk – Chris Brothers, x109
 Franklin County Solid Waste District Representative
Lynn Rubinstein, 802-254-3636
 Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) Representative John P. O’Rourke
Franklin Regional Planning Board Representative Thomas Hutcheson
413-369-4235 x3,
Board of Health (Carl Nelke, Chair)
413-369-4235 x8,
Highway Superintendent Ronald Sweet
413-369-4235 x10,
Historical Commission (Sarah Williams, Chair)
Housing Committee (inactive)
Field Memorial Library (Carol Baldwin, Director)
Moderator J. Nicholas Filler
Open Space Committee (Janet Chayes, Chair)
Parks, Recreation & Trails Committee (Chair, vacant)
Personnel Committee (David Barten, Chair)
Planning Board (Co-Chairs: Joseph Strzegowski, 413-369-4937
 Mary McClintock)
Police Chief Kenneth D. Ouimette
413-369-4235 x 7,
Board of Registrars
Contact: Town Clerk (above)
School Committee Chairs
Elaine Campbell, Chair – 369-8089
Cyndie Ouimette, Frontier Regional School –, 413-369-4710
Brian Kuzmeskus, Franklin County Technical School –, 413-369-9986
School Superintendent Darius Modestow
Town Clerk Virginia Knowlton,  Town Office
369-4235 x4,
Town Counsel John Fitz-Gibbon
Contact: Town Administrator (above)
Treasurer/Tax Collector Janice WarnerTown Office
413-369-4235 x2,
Assistant Treasurer/Tax Collector Lynn KaneTown Office
413-369-4235 x1,
Tree Warden Walter Goodridge
(413) 369-4685,
Veterans’ Services Officer Brian Brooks
413- 772-1571,
Upper Pioneer Valley Veterans’ Services District
Veterans’ Graves Officer Don Graham
(413) 475-2498,
Zoning Board of Appeals (Mark Silverman, Chair)
Contact: Town Administrator,