Energy Committee Provides List of Energy Efficiency Programs


  • Peter Martin, Chair:
  • Susan Bridge, member
  • Brice Hereford, member
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Innovative new renewable energy program for homeowners in Conway announced by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Department of Energy Resources*

*This announcement has been approved by the Conway Energy Committee.  Consider joining our team!

SOLAR ACCESS participants will bring affordable, renewable, energy to those who may not readily be able to purchase this technology. Click here to download the Center for EcoTechnology’s advertisement about this new program: Solar Access Rackcard

Eligible participants will benefit from:

  • Energy efficient heat pump technology for heating and cooling
  • Affordable solar PV
  • Energy independence
  • Ownership of solar panels and heat pumps
  • An expert to guide you through the program every step of the way!

Own new solar panels and heat pump heating and cooling for less than they spend now.

Learn more about the program at or by calling CET at 413.341.0418.


Incentives and other resources for middle-income homeowners:

Incentives and other resources for Residential Customers:

Incentives and other resources for Businesses:

Incentives and other resources for Government and Non-Profit Entities:

Fact Sheets on Specific Incentive Programs:

Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps:  Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps

Residential Ground-Source Heat Pumps: Residential Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Residential Solar Hot Water: Residential Solar Hot Water

Residential Modern Wood Heating (central boiler systems): Residential Modern Wood Heat

Commercial-Scale Air Source Heat Pumps: Commercial Scale Air-Source Heat Pumps  (non-VRF)

Commercial-Scale Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems: Commercial Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Commercial-Scale Ground Source Heat Pumps: Commercial-Scale Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Commercial-Scale Solar Hot Water: Commercial-Scale Solar Hot Water

Commercial-Scale Modern Wood Heating: Small Commercial Modern Wood Heat , Large Commercial Modern Wood Heat

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