Open Space Committee

MISSION: The mission of the Open Space Committee (OSC) is to:

  • Serve as a resource to provide information about conservation options
  • Review, revise and propose relevant by laws and policies
  • Facilitate land conservation projects/act as liaison between applicant and Town
  • Assist in the development of proposals to the Community Preservation Committee, when possible
  • Implement the Open Space Plan
  • Work with landowners, committees, and conservation organizations to achieve objectives that provide public benefit to the town


  • Tami Borton, Chair
  • Elaine Campbell
  • Janet Chayes (nominated)
  • Don Joralemon
  • Michele Turre

If you are interested in serving on the OSC — or the Town’s Agricultural Commission — please contact Tami Borton at  707-318-2761 (cell), 413-369-4478 (home), or

MEETINGS: The OSC meets approximately every other month on a varied schedule; please contact Tami Borton (see above) for more information.

2013 Open Space and Recreation Plan

The Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) is a long-term vision and 7-Year Action Plan for the Town and its residents. It provides a comprehensive inventory of the town’s natural, cultural, agricultural, and recreational resources, and an analysis of the Town’s open space and recreation needs. The 7-Year Action Plan contains specific recommendations that, if implemented by town boards, committees and residents, will help to protect the town’s natural resources and open spaces and provide residents with recreation opportunities. This current, state-approved OSRP enables us to apply for open space and recreation grant funding:     Conway OSRP 2013 Final Compiled