Volunteers Needed — Conservation Commission, Parks, Rec & Trails, and Others; Some Elected Positions Still Vacant

Might you and your community benefit from you filling one of the following positions?

  • Members of the Conservation Commission; contact Bruton Strange at kristenstrange@gmail.com;
  • Members of the Agricultural Commmission; contact Jason Silverman at jfsilverman413@gmail.com;
  • Members of the Parks, Recreation & Trails Committee; contact parksandrec@townofconway.com;
  • 1 member of the Wastewater Committee; contact Joe Strzegowski at strzeg@comcast.com;

For all these positions, contact Lisa Turowsky, assistant@townofconway.com with questions or for more openings throughout the year.

Also note that positions on the Board of Health, Planning Board, and School Committee remain vacant after this year’s Town election; these may be appointed by the Select Board if necessary. For more information about elected positions, contact Carl Nelke (Board of Health), Mary McClintock/Joe Strzegowski (Planning Board), or Elaine Campbell (School Committee).