Walk Franklin County Maps, Walking Challenge Announced

Walk Franklin County maps, which highlight scenic walking routes in each Franklin County town, have been updated by the FRCOG. Maps are available as paper maps and also in digital form on the FRCOG website. Go to https://frcog.org/publication/walk-franklin-county-maps/ to view digital versions of Franklin County towns’ maps, including Conway’s. To celebrate the new maps FRCOG is sponsoring a walking challenge event; grab a map, take a walk and tell them about it! Great prizes will be raffled off to participants who tell the FRCOG about their walk, either by a post to their Facebook page, or by tweet to them at #walkfranklincounty. The prizes include a Fitbit and great accessories to keep you walking into the Fall and Winter seasons. For details, see the flyer here:¬†Look Whos Walking Flyer (2)