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A few words from your Board of Health regarding the continued indoor mask mandate in Conway.

Many residents have asked how long the mask mandate will continue in Conway. We are basing our mandate on the CDC “indicators and thresholds for community transmission of COVID 19.” Right now, Franklin County is in the substantial risk category, that is one category below high risk. Substantial risk means that there are 50-99 cases of COVID 19 / 100,000 people. We will again reevaluate the mandate when the risk becomes moderate 10-49 cases / 100,000 people. Low risk is 0-9 cases / 100,000 people, high risk is > 100 cases / 100,000 people.

Please have patience. With winter coming, we may very well be wearing our masks indoors until spring or beyond. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Board of Health at 369-4235-x8 or email