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Town Meeting

Conway’s form of governance has been the open town meeting since colonial times, a form of government in which all registered voters of a town may vote on the Town budget and by-laws. The annual Town Meeting takes place each year on the second Monday in May. The Select Board summons the town meeting into existence by issuing the warrant, which is the list of items, or articles, to be voted on, with descriptions of each article. The Moderator officiates the meeting by reading each article, explaining it, and making sure the rules of parliamentary procedure are followed. The Finance Committee makes recommendations on money articles. The Town Clerk records the results of the meeting. Town Counsel makes legal recommendations on all articles to ensure town meeting is acting lawfully. There are times when a town meeting needs to be called to deal with issues that arise between the regularly scheduled annual Town Meetings. These meetings, called special Town Meetings, follow the same rules as the annual Town Meeting.

To see the minutes of Conway’s annual Town Meetings dating from 2015 to the present, click on Town Meeting Minutes below (under development). For minutes of special Town Meetings dating from 2015 to the present, click on special Town Meeting Minutes (coming soon).

Town Meeting Minutes