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Forest and Trails Committee

Conway Forests and Trails Committee

Conway is fortunate to have miles of trails that weave across the fabric of our community. These trails consist of 18th century “highways”, forgotten neighborhood farm roads, current and old logging roads, foot paths and deer trails. They meander through woodlands, over streams, along beaver ponds, open meadows, around glacial erratic, and stone outcrops. They follow along century old stone walls and offer glimpses into our past from old foundations of homes, barns, mills and cemeteries. These trails offer endless hours of healthy, year-round entertainment whether you are walking, running, biking, birding, skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, or simply being in the beauty of nature. The health benefits of this kind of outdoor activity are physical, mental and spiritual. Our network of trails is an invaluable resource for our community.

In 2019-2020 the town engaged experts in forestry management to help the community assess our vision and desires for the two town owned parcels of land, the Fournier Lot and the Town Farm Forest. The products of that contract are two very detailed Forest Stewardship Plans, which are available on the town website. Both properties are embedded in larger open spaces that include State Forest and private land. It became clear after surveying our community that our top priorities for these parcels were:

  1. To value the gifts of clean air, water, carbon sequestration and to support the biodiversity that our forests provide.
  2. To enjoy the beauty of wildlife and nature allowing only the natural forest processes to change over time, while also maintaining our access to the woodlands.

As such, the Selectboard has approved a Forests and Trails Committee. We see our tasks as the following:

  1. Foster community, education and connection with our woodlands.
  2. Prioritize and implement aspects of the proposed Forest Stewardship Plan to maintain and encourage the health of the town forests.

The committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

We are eager to have one more person join the committee. If you are interested, please contact Deb Donaldson or  Marilyn Webster.

Forest and Trails Minutes and Agendas