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Mosquito Response Preparedness

The Franklin Regional Council of Governments Cooperative Public Health Service has updated its warning for Franklin County towns concerning the dangerous mosquito-borne virus EEE. The risk level in Conway is still considered “Low.” The risk level in Charlemont, Rowe and Shelburne is “Moderate.” The current status of EEE risk remains “Critical” in Heath and Colrain; these towns are cancelling public dawn/dusk outdoor activities and are encouraging cancellation of private outside dawn/dusk events.

At this time, residents are encouraged to try to avoid mosquitoes and protect themselves from mosquito bites. For more information about EEE and its impact on our area, please visit the following websites:

EEE 2019 – Dusk and Dawn Table (provides the recommended cancellation times for outdoor activities in areas of high risk for EEE);

eee-factsheet (information on the spread of the EEE virus, symptoms of the virus, and how to protect yourself against EEE);

wnv-eee-animals(signs of EEE in domestic animals, including house pets); and

MDPH_Weekly Report_08262019_BOH (Massachusetts Department of Public Health Arbovirus Surveillance Program Report, including information on laboratory testing of mosquitoes and aerial spraying in Bristol, Plymouth, Middlesex and Worcester counties).

Much more information about EEE can be found at If you can’t go online, contact the MDPH at (617) 983-6800 for a hard copy.