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Board of Health

Conway Currents No. 2 Arrives; Photos of Conway Are Sought

Volume 1, Number 2 of the town’s newsletter, Conway Currents, has arrived. This month’s issue celebrates early spring and announces some helpful  “work arounds” for newly reinstated yoga classes (mat and chair), healthy bones and balance classes, and walking group for Conway’s seniors — all while observing social distancing guidelines. The Newsletter Committee is asking people to send them photos of places in Conway that they feel are special, along with brief descriptions with a few words saying why this place is special to you.

To read and download this month’s issue, click here: News-Content-Vol1-No2-Linked

Annual Transfer Station Stickers Now Available

In August, residents using the transfer station will be required to purchase a dated and numbered sticker for their vehicle.  Stickers will change annually, following the fiscal year, and will cost $10 each.  They will be available at the Transfer Station – residents may be required to provide the attendant with proof of residence.   Stickers will also be available from the Town Clerk’s office either in person (Tue., Thur., and Fri. a.m. 9-12) or by mail with SASE (P. O. Box 240, Conway, MA   01341).

This return to Annual Transfer Station Stickers is our first step in an effort to reduce trash totals, as it has come to our attention that the high trash total in Conway is due, in part, to trash coming in from a significant number of individuals who no longer live in Conway, but still have their town stickers and visit to use our Residents-Only “free” trash disposal.   Residents who have lived in Conway for 30 years or more may recognize the return to matching dated stickers with actual households.

For the moment, Pay-As-You-Throw will be waiting in the wings. Meanwhile, let’s see if we can boost our recycling totals.