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Pickleball Comes to Conway!


The Conway pickleball court is ready for players!  It is located on the basketball court next to the tennis court.

You may use the court any time you see that it not in use already.  The equipment, including a net, paddles and balls is stored in the bench near the ballfield shed.  You can email to get the combination to the locked bench.  Please be courteous and return the equipment when you are finished and re-lock the bench and be sure to email us your feedback and suggestions.

We have set up a couple of free play time slots to encourage people to play and learn how to play.  They are Tuesdays 5pm to 7pm and Saturdays 10am to 12pm.  Free play time is for players of all levels.  Beginners are welcome.  Pickleballers are a friendly group and love to teach others the game.

To participate in free play time you may use the sign up genius below so you can see how many players may be coming.  Bring a friend or two and pass the link along if you like, and HAVE FUN!