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Pull Some Garlic Mustard!

There won’t be an organized garlic mustard  “pull” this year but if you would enjoy a stroll around the South River meadow over the next few weeks, bring along a bag and spend a little time pulling out and bagging the stuff. Drop bags outside Michele Turre’s garage at 174 Shelburne Falls Rd., just down the road from the meadow. View pulling tips here: Garlic Mustard Pulling tips   For good photos for ID, click here:

Of course, this is also the time to pull any garlic mustard you find on your own property, and while you are out walking in your neighborhood watch for the stuff along the roadside and educate your neighbors!

Find out more about the damage caused by garlic mustard in this informative post, Invasie Plant PSA: Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) from Prairie Moon Nursery’s Facebook page.