Town Administrator

Conway’s Town Administrator is Tom Hutcheson. He came to Conway in August of 2013. Prior to that, he served as the first Town Administrator for the Town of Northfield, for two and a half years. Before working in municipal administration, he was the senior government relations staff member for the Organic Trade Association (OTA) for 12 years, working with USDA and Congress to promote and protect the organic system, from farming to retail.

Conway being a small town, the Town Administrator serves as Conway’s Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Commissioner of Public Safety, and Human Resources Director. Among other duties, he oversees all appointed department heads (including Chief of Police, Highway Superintendent, and Treasurer); manages the long-term financial plan and the preparation of the annual Town budget; prepares annual and special Town Meeting warrants; represents the Town in collective bargaining; and oversees municipal procurement for both capital and operating items. See the full job description here.

He can be reached at 413-369-4235, x3, or at

The Town Administrator prepares a proposed Town-wide budget each year for consideration by the Select Board and Finance Committee. The budget document also contains a great deal of related Town financial and organizational information.


At each regular Select Board Meeting, the Town Administrator gives an update on recent activity.

TA Updates FY 2020

TA Updates FY 2019

TA Updates FY 2018

The town also has a long-range financial plan (currently being updated for FY 2020).

The Town Administrator is aided by a part-time assistant, Lisa Turowsky, who manages the production of the Town Report, committee appointments, permitting and licensing, scholarships, and website maintenance; takes minutes at Select Board meetings; assists in Town Meetings, Select Board meetings, and human resources administration; and tackles a host of other tasks as they arise. She can be reached at 413-369-4235, x0.