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Wastewater Committee

Conway’s Wastewater Committee was charged with determining the feasibility of creating a wastewater collection and disposal system for the Conway downtown Village area, in order to:

  • Help protect the private and public wells from possible contamination
  • Encourage economic development in the Village Center.
  • Help maintain a vibrant village center

Committee Members

  • Joseph Strzegowski, Chair
  • Michele Novak
  • Marie Iken
  • vacancy

Committee meetings are scheduled and posted — at Town Office — as needed.

You can email the Committee via

The Wastewater Committee currently has four hard-working individuals but needs more help. Anyone who might be interested in this important project for Conway’s future viability is urged to volunteer by contacting Tom Hutcheson, Town Administrator in the Town Office (369-4235 or

REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE TO CONWAY TOWN OFFICIALS — Wastewater feasibility final report May 2016

The Downtown Wastewater feasibility study committee is pleased to present the final report on the feasibility of creating a wastewater collection and sub surface disposal systems for the Conway downtown village area. The proposed systems would collect filtered effluent from the individual septic tanks located at each residence and transport the effluent to one of two sub-surface disposal systems located on either side of the South River through a low pressure/gravity piping system. Estimated costs for each proposed system is $1,070,000 utilizing the Town owned property located on Shelburne Falls Road and a similar property off Reeds Bridge Road for the disposal system sites. These systems would operate independently and can be constructed at different times if so desired.  Some design, engineering, and bidding benefits could be realized by joint design and construction. The committee is proceeding with a household income survey of the proposed districts and expects the results in July.  The income survey results will be used to determine the loan interest rates and grant reimbursements available through the USDA Rural Development Program.  Results of the survey will be presented at a later date. The potential negative environmental and economic impacts of not addressing our wastewater issues could have grave future impacts on our private and public water supplies and the economic viability of our downtown village area. We encourage you to support further development of a wastewater disposal system for the village center.It has become apparent to the wastewater committee members that the current infrastructure needs of the town; including wastewater collection, senior housing, community solar, highway garage, public safety, municipal space, etc., will require the identification and acquisition of critical land resources to support these needs. While the topography and land use policies of our town may be the major reasons that we have maintained the town’s treasured rural character, they present unique challenges to strategically locating our infrastructure facilities.  We encourage the Selectboard to initiate steps to address the land resources needed to support our community’s infrastructure needs. To see the full report of the Committee, click here.

Respectfully, Wastewater Feasibility Study Committee (Joseph Strzegowski, Chair; Marie Iken, Michele Novak, Dave Chichester)